JQuery Tools: Smooth JS widgets


February 1, 2010

Does your web site design have a lot of widgets like tabs, overlays, scrollable etc., to be implemented? Do you want to design and implement smooth looking sites with out using flash? Do you want to improve the UX on your site ? If your answer is yes for any of these questions then JQuery Tools is probably worth taking a look at.

JQT is a family of JQuery plugins comprising of the most common widgets used in “modern” sites.  We’ve used quite a few of the widgets on our sites in the last 3-4 projects and it  has certainly helped us improve the look and feel of these sites - with much less effort that what would have been required otherwise.

Installing and using JQT on your site is also super simple.  Download a JS file of ~6kb and include in your web page.  The documentation and demos provided for each widget is excellent - so you should be on your way to actually getting stuff done very quickly after the download.

Bottom line - you’ve got pretty much no excuse, to not check it out :-).