Planning an Informative Workspace at our New Office


April 26, 2011


We’re moving! We’ve been at the current premises for 2+ years now - and the time has come to move out of here - into an office that is a little more formal.

The new place is larger, has a better facade and is overall, a nice upgrade. Check out the office plan.

The challenge is to have an area which is open, while still keeping our Agile tools like the drawing boards, iteration and release boards and the snack bar within easy reach of each team. So we have planned self-sufficient ‘islands’ around which each team can collaborate, spread out on the office floor. What makes this space really great is the sunlight streaming in through the wall-to-wall window on one side.

What’s fun is that we get new ideas to make the office better with every visit, much to our interior work contractor’s frustration. But that’s what you get when you sign up with an XP organization.

The interior work is in full swing and the place is taking shape bit by bit everyday. The whole team is really looking forward to moving in before the end of May [about a month from now].