Issue while installing Java in EC2 Micro instance


July 31, 2011

When I tried to install Java in our  EC2 micro instance, it stopped responding. There was no luck even after restarting the instance. I thought it might be a specific issue with that particular instance, so tried it again by bringing up a new micro instance and every time it was the same behaviour. I then googled and discovered it as a known  issue reported back in September 2010. The suggested workaround is:* Bring up a small instance

API tools, or from the AWS Console. But for me this option was never enabled from the console. I don’t know why. Of course, the API option would still work, I suppose.

But after looking at the bug in detail, I could see a solution which uses the linux nice command, and that did the trick for me. You can see the script as the last comment. The script is as follows:

#!/bin/bash sudo add-apt-repository "deb  []( natty partner" sudo apt-get update #Accept the Java license. for i in bin jdk jre; do echo "sun-java6-$i shared/accepted-sun-dlj-v1-1 select true" | sudo debconf-set-selections done # convoluted way to install java. this seems to only work some times! Race condition? #  []( sudo nice --adjustment=19 apt-get install -y sun-java6-jre