Our talks at Droidcon 2011, Bangalore


December 2, 2011


We spoke at Droidcon, Bangalore that happened on Nov 18th and 19th. We had two interesting talks on both days.

Continuous Delivery for an Android application

This talk was on First day of the Droidcon conference given by Vaidy and Leena. In this talk, we spoke on what the first step towards moving to a CD setup is. Specifically demonstrated setting up a Push Button deployment system using Ant and Jenkins. More details here.

Introduction to OpenGL in Android

This talk was on Second day of the Droidcon given by Tamil KP. The objective of talk was to have people get started with OpenGL programming which can seem to be a little heavy but it need not be. The talk started with a brief introduction to OpenGL and then had quick step-by-step tutorial demonstration. More details here.