A round up of our presentations and writings

February 27, 2012

agile india 2012 We started speaking at conferences last year. We’ve also been doing a fair bit of writing. This post rounds up what we’ve up to - along with links to our presentations and some of what we’ve written.

Presentations [in Chronological Order]

DevOpsDays 2011

Leena gave a lightning talk on “Push Button Deployment with Jenkins”. Here’s the presentation.

DroidCon India 2011

We gave two talks at this conference:

Agile India 2012

: Leena and I spoke there on “Continuous Delivery for a Song”. Here’s the link to the original proposal. And here’s the link to the presentation. It was a live demo - and by the comments we got from our audience, we think it went off fairly well.

Recent Writing

An article I wrote for YourStory.in was published late last year. It was titled Mobile App Opportunities in 2012”.


Leena has written a lot of articles on Continuous Delivery on this blog itself. And Akshay has been writing regularly since he joined us last year.

I hope you found this round up useful. I expect the Agile India organizers to upload videos of the all the talks soon. Once that happens, I’ll update this post with the link to the video of our talk there.