AgileIndia 2013 Summary


March 8, 2013


This is the summary about the recently concluded Agile India Conference 2013. This gave me a chance to interact with great legends and leaders of software industry such as Linda Rising, Mary Poppendieck, Henrik Kniberg, Jez Humble, Jeff Patton, Fred George, Craig Larman, Neil Ford, Venkat Subramaniam, Aslam Khan, Karl Scotland, Kenji Hiranabe, Laurent Bossavit, Rebecca Parsons etc. and listen to them multiple times in the span of 4 days. Amazing.

I am not going to write about each session I attended, am instead summarizing what I learned during those 4 days both by attending the sessions and by interacting with the speakers during those 4 days:* Never stop learning. Experiment continuously.

Thanks a ton to Naresh Jain and team for organising such a wonderful event. Curious to know what’s coming for Agile India 2014. :)