Continuous Deployment of Octopress Website with and Jenkins


May 4, 2013

As mentioned in this blog post, we were looking for a simple solution for Live Editing the website created using Octopress and deploy it to Heroku. This post is about how to edit Website using and deploy it using Jenkins.

With, you can edit any Github files, but you need to run rake generate command for generating the HTML files before deploying them. So you will need the setup to deploy, even if the editing can be done online.

Follow the following steps to setup Jenkins or any Continuous Integration server for deployment:

  1. Add the following in _config.yml ``` settings prose: rooturl: "source" metadata: "source/_posts": | layout: post title: "Change Title" date: 2013-04-11 02:33 comments: true author:
    • author categories:
    • All Posts ``
  2. Setup - just login with your Github Handle

  3. Create a script with as follows:

    bundle install bundle exec rake generate git add public/ git commit -m "Deploying Generated files"

  4. Install the Heroku gem and setup the git remote and keys for deployment as mentioned here
  5. Setup Git Publisher to push the generated files to heroku as shown below.

Git Publisher

Thats it. You are done. Just by clicking of a button, the changes gets deployed. With this setup anyone who has access to the Github Repo can make changes and deploy.

This post is written using and deployed through Jenkins.

Yes, the setup was not as easy I had written above. I got stuck mainly with the following.