Toyota Kata for improving Continuous Delivery Maturity


January 24, 2014

Everyone knows that making small improvements everyday is good and everyone wants to do that. But the following question arises:* What to improve?

Recently I stumbled upon  Toyota Kata, a simple and structured way of cultivating Continuous Improvement culture. As the name suggests, its Toyota’s systematic approach for Continuous Improvement. The Kata has 2 parts:

Coaching Kata

Coaching Kata is the systematic way to coach Improvement Kata. Kata contains the following 5 questions, to help the coachee(s) to identify the area for improvement or make him/her measure the same. :


Improvement Kata

This is the process of actual improvement by following the scientific   Plan, Do Check Act or PDCA cycle which is also known as Deming Cycle.


Its obvious that the Coaching Kata helps to set a clear goal and the Improvement Kata helps us to measure the improvement.

At Multunus we’ve started using this to improve our   Continuous Delivery Maturity. The process we follow is as follows:

Main things to keep in mind are:

This is a  sample metrics sheet we use for our Toyota Kata. It still does not contain the following even though its suggested in Toyota Kata:

Myself, and the team as well, are thrilled that its indeed working. Needless to say its not the perfect way, there is lot of scope for improvement, and we can use Toyota Kata itself for improving the same :). I will write more about our experience with Toyota Kata in coming weeks.

Apart from  the book, which I’ve started reading, I found the following references useful as well: