Rohan: "Do something well or not at all"


August 31, 2014

A project has a higher probability of success if the “why” is clear to everyone on the team. Learning from a customer about the "why" behind the product and the "why" behind choosing Multunus as a partner was inspiring for the team and the entire company.

We try hard to focus on the big-picture and knowing the "why" helps us understand the nuances of a customer's product decision. A clear "why" also helps us focus even more on the outcome more than the output.

Rohan Mathew is the President and CEO of The Intersect Fund, a non-profit microfinancer in the New York and New Jersey area.

Rohan’s TEDx talk on the story behind The Intersect Fund

We're proud to say that Rohan has now engaged Multunus to build a loan approval and disbursement system for the fund and eventually plans to build a complete loan processing system from origination to collections.

Rohan sent our team a note recently - we read it and got goosebumps. We got his permission to repost it on our blog here. Read on:

In general, I am a big believer in doing something well or not at all. So we did nothing at all. Until Vanessa found Multunus.

Vanessa Carter is the Executive Director of Lend for America, a sister non-profit of the The Intersect Fund

Although we've had some rocky times over the past month, nothing has ever risen to the level that would make me feel we picked the wrong partner.

It goes without saying this is the largest investment we've ever made in our history”.

Rohan, we're humbled by your trust in our team to deliver on something this critical for your business. Thank you.