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Open Source

We highly believe in open source technologies. With open source we are more productive & fight lesser number of problems every day.

Open source projects helps us in developing a more polished product over time. Its stops us from reinventing the wheel & encourages us to build upon the work done by the community. We equally spend time contributing to projects & giving back to the community.

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We write a lot about technology & design. We have always found better ways to improve our craft by reading articles from the community. It has given our team an opportunity to understand different perspectives & ideas on solving a particular problem.

The learnings vary from small insights to full blown realizations. In some cases it helps us to connect the dots & understand the bigger picture.

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Conference talks

We are very active with giving talks & attending conferences. This is one of the ways in which we keep ourseleves closely engaged with the community. Apart from learning something new at conferences, meeting new people & sharing our experiences with others help us with networking.

Supporting conferences has also helped us in gaining more exposure & awareness about the happening in the community. The inspiration that we get from every conference pushes us to work harder every day.