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Akshay’s experiments with $$

“The interesting thing about yearly appraisals? We don’t have one!”

Akshay’s a pretty bold guy. Watch this video to see what he pulled off when he was just 6 months in the company.

He also speaks about our appraisal process err..salary revision process. And finally just a bit about how performance reviews should really be done.

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Jerry: “Apologize. Don’t ask for permission.”

“...make your own new mistakes and learn from them”

“There is a balance between guiding someone and instructing someone”

“We let you out of your comfort zone to make a few experiments”

We treat adults like…adults. With respect for their intelligence and maturity. Take a test drive with us to experience it.


Manish sees the big picture!

“Everybody goes home feeling they made a difference”

They told him: “You’ll [be stuck in a corner and] not know what you’re building or who your users are”

Listen to Manish explain how everyone on the team [not just himself] gets to see the “big picture” everyday.

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KP’s dance with Technology

“You get to [experiment &] pick the right technology for the job”

Ever heard a deep technologist talk about process? Here, KP talks a bit about engineering processes such as Test Driven Development and Continuous Delivery

KP’s also pretty kicked that he can finally use technologies to actually solve real problems – rather than being stuck with old age languages, platforms and tools.

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PS: Don’t forget to watch KP’s “acting lessons” at the end of the video!

Sreenath – our brave “bakra”

“Hear the true story from the horse’s mouth..sorry, the bakra’s mouth.”

Sreenath’s an avid agile coach here. So he kinda gets carried away once in a while. But our shooting crew made sure that he didn’t stray too far this time.

Being made a bakra[1] is one thing. But to speak about it bravely a year later takes serious guts. :D

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[1]“Bakra” is Hindi for “Goat” or in this case, “Prank Victim”