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Though the rest of the company has little interaction with Multunus, I consider you all as part of our organization as your dedication has been a big part of the tablet progress thus far.


Healthcare, Media


Chicago, Illinois


Media players for TVs

Project Description

  • The company creates and manages more than 5,000 point-of-care content delivery solutions across 50 American states.
  • Enabling
    • Clinics to deliver a better experience to their patients by serving content in waiting rooms that could engage patients in the clinic waiting rooms
    • Patients to be more aware of their medical condition using condition tailored content and targeted advice
    • Drug manufacturers and healthcare product manufacturers reach their target audience using highly targeted advertising

The Challenge

  • The company's Linux media player platform for the TVs in the clinic waiting rooms was a major success. However, the off-the-counter mobile device management solution from Canonical wasn't meeting the demands of regular updates and good control over the field devices.
  • The clinics wanted a personal content device so that doctors in examination rooms could communicate better with patients increasing patient engagement and increasing rates of recovery from medical conditions. The company also wanted a custom mobile device management solution tailored for android tablets in the long term.
  • The ad format(Adobe Flash) from the drug manufacturers was hard to reuse as is on the Android tablet platform

Our Services

  • Android custom ROM development
  • Software backbone for remote device management using Rails
  • Evolving application architecture consulting
  • Android app development
  • Linux media player development
  • Production monitoring systems
  • Analytics systems
  • Advertiser workflow management

The Solution


  • Created a tablet solution on Android to deliver content that doctors could use to educate patients about their condition
  • Customized the Android stock ROM to support Adobe Flash(R) based banner ads, a major source of revenue for the content platform
  • Replaced the OTC remote device management solution (Landscape from Canonical) for Linux TV media players to meet the needs of the business case
  • Replaced the OTC remote device management solution (Airwatch) for Android tablets with a custom solution that was leaner and designed for the use case of field devices with poor internet

The Output

  • 3 pairs of programmers worked in a continuous delivery mode to push a new feature to production once every 2 days reducing the time between a business decision and its implementation
  • Code with upwards of 95% test coverage in technologies ranging from Ruby, Java and JavaScript
  • More than 4,000 devices in the field with an addition of about 1,500 devices in the last 12 months
  • Multunus team trained the captive software development team in agile practices, clean code practices and in Android customization best practices and transitioned the maintenance of the platform

The Outcome

  • 2 functional defects reported by the customer in 14 months of engagement
  • Pushed over-the-air updates of software as well as firmware once every week
  • Increased ad sales by 275% in about 8 months as a result of better analytics data of user interaction with the content
  • 87% patients found the content to be useful


"YES! A few minutes after you called I noticed it was making some changes on its own. If you guys told the TV to do that without touching it, this is amazing technology! That is really cool stuff!"

- Office Manager at a clinic

“I liked the diets and recipes that were broadcast on the programming that can help me with my diabetes.”

- A patient in New York (Our end customer)

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